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MAD Energy Minute – Doc Bakey

MAD Energy Minute

Mad Energy

Mad Energy Minute will consist of a series of educational videos that will teach you all about the fundamentals of power.    The videos will be available weekly on my Linked in page.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/andybakey/ and my daily postings on my Instagram and Facebook Page.



Why MAD Energy you say?   Well, it has 2 meanings.    I always wanted to name my company after my kids but it never seemed appropriate until NOW!    Mikaela, Alexa, and Drew watched me grow into my profession and lived my energy experiences.  Need only ask them about how I coached them in baseball, softball, and soccer and pointed out the transmission lines in the background.   I always told them I sell something that you can’t see, taste, or touch or they may perish.    I have to explain something that most everyone takes for granted but try to explain how to buy it.    I can’t carry a lightning bolt, an electron, or a generator in my briefcase.    I use simple drawings to explain how to buy energy and it works!

MAD Energy’s second meaning is all about being MAD at energy prices and fighting back against the skyrocketing energy markets.  It’s time to come up with a plan for buying energy in a smart and strategic way.  You can see my educational videos on Linked In and Instagram.