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Energy Diagnostics - Doc Bakey

Energy Diagnostics

  • Procurement (Electric, Gas, Oil)
  • Sustainability (Solar, REC’s, PPA’s)
  • Resiliency Planning (Generators, Batteries, Cogeneration)
  • Energy Efficiency (Lighting, HVAC, Motors)
  • Sales Tax Audits 
  • Utility Rebates


This comic strip appeared in the 90s when retail competition started in PA.   Doc Bakey’s father was a comic strip lover and cut out clippings and would send them to friends and family in the mail.   This was a pure coincidence that his  name appeared on the comic strip.   Doc Bakey’s father always told him that he did not care about the profession he would choose but always strive to be the BEST in that profession.   Thank you Dad as I did it!

Also, Growing up in a family of 10, Doc Bakey knew quite well the value of a dollar and how to save it and spend it wisely .  In fact, his mother would often say that when we turn on a light switch, we make a purchase without even knowing the cost.  We would never do this with other purchases!

For years, Doc Bakey has been helping businesses like yours save money on their energy bills. He knows that energy costs can be a major drain on your bottom line, and he’s dedicated to helping you find ways to cut down on your expenses. With his comprehensive knowledge of the energy industry, Doc Bakey can help you develop a plan for purchasing power wisely, designing sustainable solutions, increasing resiliency, and cutting out unnecessary energy usage. He can also audit your sales tax payments and provide money back into your pocket through utility rebates. So if you’re looking for ways to save on your energy costs, Doc Bakey is the man to call.