Energy Treatments

  • Solar Feasibility Studies for your Vitamin D needs
  • Seasonal Energy Analysis for Curing High Energy Prices
  • Reviewing Hourly Load Profiles for Broken Bones
  • Demand Limiting Strategies for Reducing Capacity Costs
  • Curtailment Services for a Lean Energy Profile
  • Energy Efficiency Audits for Losing Energy Weight


Imagine for a moment that your business is a human body. Just like our physical bodies, businesses need energy to function properly. However, unlike our physical bodies, businesses can often become overweight and bogged down by excess energy expenditure. This is where Doc Bakey comes in. He is the world’s leading expert on energy transformation, and his unique ability to review your business’s energy x-rays and identify energy-wasting habits makes him uniquely qualified to help your business lose its energy weight. His goal is to make your business leaner, and more efficient energy consumption and his proven methods have helped countless businesses achieve this goal. So if you’re looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency, be sure to consult with Doc Bakey. You’ll be glad you did!