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Doc Bakey - Doc Bakey
Bakey Energy Consulting

I am on a Low Carbon Energy Diet. Are you?

Purely a parody and an energy character he created.  Andrew Bakey is referred by his peers as “Doc Bakey” for his superior knowledge of the energy markets and his ability to diagnose energy concerns and minimize energy costs.   He has practiced his trade for more than 35 years and has mastered supply and demand side energy economics.

Doc Bakey’s background includes degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA in Finance from Temple University.  He also has an energy management degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Professional Engineering Licensure in PA, NJ and DE.  Doc Bakey’s certifications include Certified Energy Management, Certified Energy Procurement, and Green Building Engineer.

He is an expert in the energy industry in the areas of electricity and gas procurement, sustainability planning, energy efficiency, and complex deals utilizing power purchase agreements. I have developed behind-the-meter solar installations, structured green/brown Purchase Power Agreements, and negotiated solar landfill projects.  He is an expert at integrating retail electricity products with green solutions including solar, batteries, and cogeneration. He considers myself a supply and demand side expert knowing how to use green technologies to reduce operating costs. He has created and designed smart grid software and hardware technology reacting to both real-time and day price signals.


What Clients Are Saying

“Andy can make complex energy topics seem very simple to understand.”

Richard McClure – Kennedy Wilson

"We hired Andy as he is one that is truly looking out for the buyer’s best interests."

Annie Alman – General Manager of Reading Terminal

"Andy answers the 3 main energy buyer’s questions they are always seeking. What product to buy, when to buy, and for what term."

Missy Quinn – Chubb

"We hired Andy to be the energy expert for our company. He has helped us make strategic buying decisions that have saved us money."

Domenic DiCicco – Energy Buyer Congoleum